The awfulness of Brunei’s laws

Al Jazeera reports:

is enacting , a new penal code that imposes death by stoning for adultery and gay sex, and amputations for theft, despite widespread criticism.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The new law mostly applies to Muslims, though some aspects will also apply to non-Muslims. It stipulates the death penalty for a number of offences, including rape, adultery, sodomy, robbery and insulting or defaming the Prophet Muhammad.

Death penalty for insulting the Prophet – remind me not to travel there.

It also introduces public flogging as punishment for abortion as well as amputation for theft

Flogging women who have an abortion. It’s like time travel to the 1300s.

and criminalises exposing Muslim children to the beliefs and practices of any religion other than Islam.

No freedom of religion.

Very few Islamic countries have penal codes as barbaric as this one. But countries like Brunei are why there is such antipathy towards elements of Islam, and more specifically (the political side).

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