How I want Game of Thrones to end

This is not a prediction for the final episode. In fact I am 99% certain none of this will happen. This is merely how I’d like it to end, after last week’s episode.

Feel free to comment below how you would like it to end.

  • Dany is unrepentant over her tactics in the battle. She again claims it was necessary to secure the future
  • She proclaims Tyrion guilty of treason and prepares to execute him. Tyrion demands a trial.
  • All the major characters gather for the trial. Then as in his earlier trial, he demands it be trial by combat. Dany chooses Grey Worm to fight for her. Bronn is there but refuses to fight for Tyrion this time as he hasn’t got his castle.
  • Jon shocks everyone by offering to fight for Tyrion. He tells Dany that Tyrion was right and she was wrong.
  • An epic battle between Jon and Grey Worm, which Jon finally wins
  • He stands before Dany asking permission for him and Tyrion to depart, to leave Westeros.
  • Dany refuses, saying she won’t let Jon become to her what she was to Robert Baratheon – a monarch in exile. She stuns everyone there by saying “Dracarys” with Drogon perched above her facing Jon.
  • Drogon does nothing. She repeats the command twice more, but Drogon still won’t flame Jon. In fact Drogon lowers his head towards Jon. She then commands Drogon to flame Tyrion but he again does nothing.
  • As this is happening, suddenly Bran leaps up from his wheelchair and stabs Dany from behind. It is a mortal wound. She stumbles into Jon’s arms and dies, asking for his forgiveness.
  • Bran removes his face to reveal he is actually Arya. The Stark siblings planned for this.
  • The real Bran comes forward and explains Tyrion is also a Targaryan which is why Drogon wouldn’t attack him. Dany tried to kill her own brother.
  • Jon is proclaimed King Aegon VI by Sir Davos. But Jon declines. He says he has made too many bad decisions to be King, especially trusting Dany. He says that the King should be the person who has shown the best judgement, and proposes Sansa as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.
  • Sansa accepts so long as the High Council (all the great lords) supports her, and the High Council becomes the arbiter of future monarchs, which is the start of a transition to democracy.
  • Sansa appoints Tyrion as Hand of the King and head of House Lancaster
  • Arya is offered a place in the Kingsguard but declines and says she must go and serve the Many Faced God. As she leaves, she is joined by Jaqen
  • Bran is appointed Grand Maester
  • Jon decides to turn the Night’s Watch into a home guard that defends all borders against any and all invaders, and returns to them as the 1,000th Lord Commander
  • Davos becomes head of the navy
  • Sam returns home as head of House Tarly
  • Bronn gets Highgarden and starts House Bronn
  • Sir Brienne is appointed Head of the Kingsguard

The final ends with Sansa’s coronation on the Iron Throne and Jon flies off on Drogon.

Again I doubt any of this will happen, but for me that would be satisfying endings.

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