Oh harden up

Stuff reports:

Stuff reported on the row between councillor Tania Tapsell and mayoral hopeful Reynold Macpherson, which centres on an online post made by Macpherson on the Facebook page of the Rotorua District Residents & Ratepayers’ lobby group on May 14.
The post, a response to a video in which Tapsell encourages more young people to stand for council, is entitled “Beware the charismatic pitch of the Pied Piper”. 
“He has referenced me as a pied piper who lures away vermin and children and this level of hate speech is totally unacceptable,” Tapsell said.

Oh don’t be such a sook and harden up.

Having a political opponent call you a pied piper is not hate speech.

The post has been referred to the police by a confidential council committee.

Unbelievable. They should be charged with wasting Police time.

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