Sounds like Keystone Cops

Stuff reports:

In question time on Wednesday, Bishop claimed police recovered eight stolen guns by paying for them. Nash refused to answer questions relating to the topic, saying it was an open investigation before the court.
Bishop kept up the pressure up on Thursday, asking if it was correct the thief moved a skip bin next to a gate at the back of the station, jumped the fence, walked in an open garage door, stole the guns from a “poorly secured” exhibit room, then loaded the guns into his car.
He also asked why the guns were in an exhibit room instead of a firearms safe and if Nash had asked police if they paid for the return of some firearms.
Once again, Nash said he could not answer questions about an open investigation before the court.

If this version of events is correct, this looks like Keystone Cops.

Stuff asked police if Bishop’s claim about buying guns was correct and, if so, how much police paid.
Police were also asked what policy existed about recovering stolen goods by buying them, if the final three guns were still missing, if anyone else was being sought in relation to the burglary, if an internal inquiry was under way and when it may be finished, and if there was any more information to share with the public to help find the last few missing guns.
Stuff is yet to get a response.

The refusal to deny makes you suspect it is true.

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