Unfortunate phrasing

Stuff reports:

A senior female teacher suspended from Marlborough Boys’ College is under investigation over alleged sexual relationships with multiple students over several years.
The woman, whose husband is a police officer, was suspended last week, apparently after explicit footage did the rounds at the Blenheim school.

She no doubt will be struck off as a teacher, as she should be. If any are under 16, I expect criminal charges also.

At the school gates on Monday, a mother said she “felt ill” after learning of the allegations against the teacher, saying the teacher was “great with kids” and helped her son thrive.
She said her son had been in the teacher’s form class for several years and had been “wonderful”. “All the kids loved her.”

In light of the story, somewhat unfortunate phrasing from the parent!

Very sad for the family of the teacher, as well as the kids and their families.

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