A car free golden mile

Stuff reports:

Wellington’s Golden Mile could be car free by 2021, and speed limits on surrounding streets dropped to 30kmh.

A rare sensible initiative.

Bob Jones suggested some years ago the Golden Mile should be car free. In fact he also said bus free. Turn it into an open mall with outdoor cafes and the like.

The 30 km/hr speed limit on non arterial routes is fine also for the CBD. Too many pedestrians about to go faster than that.

First Retail Group managing director Chris Wilkinson said the changes would be good for the city.
“The reality is we need to create stronger priorities for public transport, and very few consumers actually drive through the Golden Mile. 
“People don’t drive down the Golden Mile, stop, and buy something. That happened 10 or 15 years ago, but over a long period of time parking has been declining in the city centre, which aligns with the [city] council’s District Plan.”

I agree. Make it happen.

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