Garner says Twyford not solely to blame

Duncan Garner writes:

And yes, Twyford has taken the fall for KiwiBuild’s spectacular fail, but he’s not the only one to blame.
The industry has been shouting at Labour, warning them it can’t be done, and Labour looked the other way. It got caught in its own bubble of self-importance and no leader within the party was brave or smart enough to call Twyford in to make the tough call until now.
Yes, he should have put his hand up, but where were the others? It’s arrogant, naive and desperately self-obsessed to cling to housing failure while people live in cars and sheds and caravans and need genuine solutions. Vanity before results – I detest that.

Labour had this policy for seven years. Twyford was the muggins who had to implement it, but he didn’t design it. For years people said the policy was madness and would never work but they didn’t listen.

The truth has been obvious for years if we’re brutally honest. This failure has to belong to Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson too; they’ve been far too silent and appear to have simply gone along with KiwiBuild when they needed to intervene.
Like the capital gains debate, where was Jacinda? She only appears at the end to hand out the doctor’s final diagnosis and the medication required.

The so called reset of Kiwibuild is likely to be an effective abandonment of it, but they will keep the name and apply it to a very different programme.

Jacinda’s “year of the delivery” slogan has gone missing, especially in housing. If you find it, call Parliament, 04-471-9999. Ask for the PM.


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