Hager’s version falling apart

Here’s what Nicky Hager said in 2017:

The SAS believed, based on flimsy intelligence, that they would find a group of Taliban fighters who’d attacked a New Zealand patrol 19 days earlier. But the group wasn’t there, and the 21 people killed and wounded in the operation were all civilians – mostly women and children.

This week Stuff reports:

Another clip from earlier showed two men were visibly carrying weapons – a rifle and a rocket propelled grenade launcher – when emerging from a building that is said to have included a woman.

I’m sure the rocket propelled grenade was for self defence to protect against any wolves menacing their sheep.

Hager ignores his actual claim in the book and now argues:

“That’s only two armed people …. this isn’t many weapons with which to climb a hill and attack the foreign forces. This isn’t what it was made out to be … two people isn’t an armed group.

He can never admit when he is wrong. And even better he goes for pop psychology:

“Real insurgents would never ever have climbed up that hill when they could hear helicopters around.”

Real insurgents don’t eat quiche.

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