Anti euthanasia but pro death penalty

The Herald reports:

A campaign manager for Hannah Tamaki’s Coalition New Zealand Party has called for the Government to introduce involuntary euthanasia for paedophiles who are repeat offenders.
Jevan Goulter, who told the Herald his personal views don’t necessarily represent the political party’s stance, says its time for New Zealand to discuss the death penalty and involuntary euthanasia, alongside David Seymour’s End of Life Bill after passing its second reading.
The campaign manager originally took to social media stating he wanted the euthanasia bill killed and the reintroduction of the death penalty for paedophiles who are repeat offenders.
“Kill the Euthanasia Bill, reintroduce the 1961 death penalty for third time offenders,” he said in a video.

So the position is to not allow people dying in agony to end their own lives, but to allow the state to execute citizens who don’t wish to die.

I’m against of course.

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