A preventable death?

On 30 July Stuff reported:

A judge says he expects a public backlash after releasing a violent offender on intensive supervision for trying to kidnap a woman who was jogging in the street.
“No doubt there will be letters to the editor demanding my resignation,” Christchurch District Court Judge Raoul Neave said at Tuesday’s sentencing. “It won’t be the first time and it won’t be the last.”

The man he wouldn’t send to jail despite the violent kidnapping event was Marcel Geros.

Geros was convicted of attempted kidnapping and assault with intent to injure. In 2009 he bashed a 73 year old man, almost killing him.

Just one week later we read:

One person is on the run after fatally striking a pedestrian while fleeing police in east Christchurch.

And who is this man in the photo of this story?

Photo (c) Chris Skelton, Stuff

Mr Geros again.

The story says he is not thought to have been in the van that killed the pedestrian, so the exact facts are unknown. But it is very clear that he has not reformed and the Judge made a very bad decision in not sending him to jail for the previous offending.

This may have been a preventable death.

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