Hosking praises Bridges

Mike Hosking writes:

Simon Bridges continues his slow but steady rehabilitation into what you might loosely call a pretty decent opposition leader.
The National Party conference might well turn out to be the turning point. A couple of weekends back his cancer announcement shamed the Government into a shambolic and patched together mini-announcement on getting some machinery to treat cancer into the regions.
The fact Bridges could make such a grandiose promise – when the Government having promised pretty much the same thing, but had done nothing two years into office – was a gift from the political heavens.
Then came a poll, with National at 45 per cent. The lead party and the chance to one, prove they’re still very viable, and two, shut the leadership critics down.
And now he’s on the front foot over Ihumātao.
And it comes as all the lefties, angsties, and virtue signallers have traipsed and trampled their way to South Auckland, as the media have fallen over themselves to give maximum coverage to a group of the rent-a-crowd, as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has decided all building stops until she’s resolved it, and upon announcing that, she ran for Tokelau and left a couple of ministers to basically do nothing but more yak. Only to return to the country last week, see that nothing had happened and then announce it was the Government’s role to facilitate.
Facilitate what? More yak?
Meantime come on in Simon, who dare I suggest has articulated what most of us have been thinking. Tell them to go home, get the police involved, and as Prime Minister, not touch the thing with a barge pole.

Meanwhile we are still waiting for the Kiwibuild reset. They have to date built 239 houses of the 100,000 they promised.

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