I think we’ll see more of Mr Collins in future

Stuff reports:

A Hamilton teenager having an argument with his mother gave expression to his anger by going to the house next door and punching a 71 year old to the ground.
Damien Kayden Collins, 17, was sentenced to four months of home detention when he appeared in the Hamilton District Court on charges of assault with intent to injure, threatening behaviour, wilful damage and common assault.

He has a fight with his mum, and his response is to assault the 71 year old living next door.

He’s damn lucky to get home detention. It does show though that prison is generally a last resort, despite people claiming NZ sends too many people to prison for minor offences.

The wilful damage and common assault charge stemmed from an incident in Hamilton on March 3 involving Collins’ uncle and his uncle’s girlfriend.
The teenager had demanded his uncle drive him to the shops, but his uncle refused. Collins responded by walking over to his uncle’s car and kicking the tail light out.
As the couple tried to drive away, the teenager kicked the car again. The girlfriend got out and confronted him, and Collins threw his bag at her and pushed her. 
Eventually the couple managed to drive away. Collins later told the police he kicked the car because he thought they were trying to hit him with it, and he pushed the woman because she was attacking him.
Two weeks before his sentencing date Collins breached his bail conditions and he had spent the last two weeks in custody.

I suspect that sadly we will be hearing more about Mr Collins in future.

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