NZers have low Holocaust knowledge

Newsroom reports:

A new poll shows that a nearly a third of New Zealanders know little or nothing about the Holocaust and less than half know that 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis. Mark Jennings reports.
Next year will be the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz but what happened there and in other Nazi death camps is drifting from our consciousness. …

In a poll of 1,000 New Zealanders taken last month, 27 percent said they knew little about the holocaust, 28 percent said they were unsure about how much they knew and 2 percent admitted to knowing nothing.
The figures for people aged between 18 and 30 show a grimmer picture. Half said they knew a little bit, 29 percent said they were unsure what they knew and 4 percent said they knew nothing.
Just 14 percent said they knew a reasonable amount and 4 percent claimed to know a lot about the Holocaust.

A sad trend of newer generations knowing little about the Holocaust.

The Curia poll also posed a multi-choice question. How many Jews were killed in Europe during the Holocaust? Was it one hundred thousand, six hundred thousand, one million, two million or six million?
Only 43 percent of respondents got the right answer – 6,000,000.
For the 18-30  group that dropped to 32 percent. The director of Curia, David Farrar, expected a lot more people to get the correct answer.
“Even if you know nothing else about the Holocaust, you usually know this.
“If we simply asked people just to name the figure (number of Jews killed) you might expect 50 percent not to know, but this was multi choice and the next highest figure after 6 million was 2 million.
“We didn’t put 5 million, 6 million and 7 million to make it hard or anything, it was relatively easy to get the right answer.”

I was very surprised that so few people could get the right answer from a multi-choice list.

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