Students marching for nuclear power and GM

Mia Sutherland at Stuff writes:

Students are taking to the streets, beaches and parks on 27 September, and we’re inviting everyone to join us. That’s right, this is an intergenerational issue, and you’re all invited to put pressure on politicians worldwide to pass bills which will take action to reduce the impacts of . …

We want our government and governments worldwide to do everything in their power to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius by ending the use of fossil fuels and investing in a regenerative and renewable economy. Additionally, we are asking the government to acknowledge the severity of climate change and declare a climate emergency.

If the call is for governments to do everything in their power to limit global warming, that can only include promoting nuclear power and removing restrictions on genetic modification.

The median greenhouse gas impact (gCO2eq/kWh) of different electricity sources according to the IPCC is:

  1. Coal 820
  2. Gas 490
  3. Biomass 230
  4. Solar 48
  5. Geothermal 38
  6. Hydro 24
  7. Wind 12
  8. Nuclear 12

So nuclear power is an essential tool for what the students are demanding.

And genetic modification is estimated to increase crop yields by 70%, which means the impact per ton of crop is reduced by over a third.

So bravo to all the students marching to demand governments prioritise the environment over their ideological aversion to nuclear power and GM.

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