The abortion law changes

Newshub reports:

In October last year the Law Commission recommended three options for reform:
A) there’s no test, the woman decides with her health practitioner

B) there’s a test and the woman would need to prove the abortion’s appropriate
C) there’s only a test for later-term abortions – beyond 22 weeks
But Newshub understands the Government has gone with none of the recommendations. It’s chosen a more conservative version of option C – there will be a test after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Not a big difference between 20 and 22 weeks. The proposed regime looks fairly good to me.

Up until 20 weeks, it is basically abortion on demand – no need to jump through hoops and claim psychological damage etc. Beyond 20 weeks, a doctor would need to be satisfied with the reasons for having an abortion so late in the pregnancy.

It will be interesting to see how MPs vote on this, as it will be a conscience vote.

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