I know what to do

Stuff reports:

No-one knows what to do with Mohyadin Farah, a Somali refugee with a history of sexually assaulting women.

I know what to do. It’s quite simple. Keep him locked up, so no more women get sexually assaulted by him.

His record includes:

  • 2019: Grabbed breasts of 78 year old women in a walking frame
  • 2013: Raped a woman
  • 2011: Grabbed breasts of woman on bus and threatened rape
  • 2004: Indecent assault
  • 2002: Indecent assault

So what lengthy jail term did he get for his latest action? Did he get preventive detention? Did he get a lengthy sentence?

Judge Jan Kelly had to reflect his previous offendings in her sentence as well as take into account his multiple issues.
She considered a jail term of about six months but acknowledged it meant he would be released almost immediately.
The judge identified that the most serious part was making sure he did not reoffend and to do that he needed to get targeted help.
“The issue for me today is what sentence would best enable meaningful rehabilitation and would enable Mr Farah to receive counselling and oversight to reduce his risk of reoffending and to balance that against the interests of the victims and the need to protect the public.”
She imposed a year’s intensive supervision to try and get him specialised treatment.

Sadly this just means more women will be sexually assaulted by him.

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