Wilson and Orsman rate the Auckland Councillors

Simon Wilson and Bernard Orsman rate the Auckland Councillors out of 10.

They agree on some ratings and disagree on others. The big difference in how they rate seem to be on whether or not the Cr is a Goff Loyalist (known as Team A) or a Goff critic (Team B).

Orsman rates Team A slightly higher on average with 6.2 vs 5.6 for Team B.

Wilson has a far greater difference. He rates Team A more highly at 6.8 and rates Team B a lowly 4.1.

But the average of their scores is probably a reasonable reflection. So what is the average score per Cr, and who is top and bottom.

  • 8/10 – Daniel Newman
  • 7.5/10 – Chris Darby, Desley Simpson
  • 7.0/10 – Phil Goff, Cathy Casey, John Watson
  • 6.75/10 – Richard Hills
  • 6.5/10 – Bill Cashmore, Ross Clow
  • 6/10 – Jo Bartley, Alf Filipaina
  • 5.5/10 – Efoso Collins
  • 5/10 – Linda Cooper
  • 4/10 – Chris Fletcher, Mike Lee, Wayne Walker
  • 3/10 – Greg Sayers, Sharon Stewart, Paul Young

Those in bold are where both journalists gave them the same score. So they both agreed Newman is the most effective Councillor.

UPDATE: Worth pointing out that while the journalists might rank Greg Sayers lowly, the locals in Rodney seem to have a far higher view of him as he is running unopposed.

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