Labour’s Year of Delivery

Jacinda Ardern said that 2019 would be Labour’s Year of Delivery. October marks two years since Winston chose Labour and Greens to form the Government. So it seems an appropriate time to look at how they have done.

I honestly can’t recall any other Government that has failed so miserably when it comes to actual delivering.

UPDATE: A Minister’s Office has said that there has in fact been 149 million trees planted. The official policy is to include trees planted by the private sector as part of business as normal. They are correct this is the official Government position today but neither the pre-election policy or the coalition agreement stated the billion trees would include other plantings. In fact the coalition agreement says:

A $1b per annum Regional Development (Provincial Growth) Fund, including … Planting 100 million trees per year in a Billion Trees Planting Programme

That very clearly implies they would find 100 million trees a year, and has nothing about including non-funded trees that would occur regardless of the Government.

So I stand by my position that the Government promised to fund one billion trees and has only funded 2.5% of that to date.

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