Luxon seeking Botany nomination

Stuff reports:

Former prime minister John Key says outgoing Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon will be a “world class candidate” for the National Party nomination in Botany.
Luxon announced on Tuesday night that he was seeking the National nomination in the Auckland seat of Botany, currently held by former National MP Jami-Lee Ross.
He will have to go through the formal selection process but is very likely to become the National nominee – and win the seat in the next election, which is strongly supportive of the  party.
Key told Stuff Luxon was a “world class candidate” and “direct proof that a strong and effective opposition like National is a magnet for talent”

It is certainly great for National that they can attract someone of Luxon’s calibre. The fact his replacement as Air NZ CEO is the former US Chief Executive of the world’s largest company (Walmart) speaks volumes.

Luxon is a strong contender to get National’s nomination, but it is by no means certain. Unlike Labour, National’s selections are determined by grass-roots delegates. And sometimes they go for the local stalwart, rather than the “star”. The classic example is choosing Clem Simich over former All Black captain David Kirk in 1991.

Also while Luxon has an excellent set of business skills that should serve him well if he becomes an MP, they don’t always translate well. In the case of John Key they did, but it isn’t guaranteed.

So it is good news for National, but any talk of Luxon being the next John Key is very premature. First he has to win selection, then win an election and them actually perform as an MP.

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