Govt and Oppn polling comparison

This shows how the major party of Government is polling in the One News Colmar Brunton poll at the same calendar dates nine years apart,

As you can see the Clark and Ardern Governments polls fairly closed for the first year and a half but by October of the mid year Clark’s was at 47% and rising and Ardern at 40% and dropping.

By comparison the Key Government polled over 50% for the first half of the term, dropped to high 40s for a few months and then back up to just under 55%.

The Opposition polling is also interesting. The Shipley/English opposition did well in their first year (Labour’s winter of discontent) and went from low 30s to low to mid 40s. They then dropped back to 35% but later rallied back to almost 40% towards end of the middle year.

The Bridges Opposition has stayed over 40%. It was fairly constant the first year, dropped to 40% in the first half of the middle year and has risen steadily since then to high 40s.

The Goff Opposition stated in the high 20s, and steadily climbed over the next 18 months to 35% but then started to drop back to low 30s.

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