Just say no

Stuff reports:

Paul Joseph Dally – the man who abducted, raped and murdered Karla Cardno – has been denied parole. 

In a decision released on Friday, the Parole Board ruled Dally, 58, will have to spend another 18 months behind bars before he can be assessed for release. 

However, the Board indicated that Dally has made “significant progress” and is inching towards freedom. 

I’d rather he inched towards a barbed wire fence.

Dally snatched 13-year-old Cardno as she was cycling down a street in Taita, Lower Hutt, on her way home from the nearby dairy in May 1989. 

He raped and tortured her at his nearby house for 22 hours, while her family searched for her.

He then drove Cardno to the Pencarrow Coast, south of Eastbourne, where he tied her hands together, bludgeoned her skull with a piece of driftwood, and buried her alive in a shallow grave in the sand. 

All murders are terrible but Cardno’s was another level of bad.

The decision, released to Stuff on Friday, noted Dally had made “significant progress” while in Auckland Prison.

“He is a leading hand in the nursery,” the report noted. 

Oh well that makes up for it then.