Old enough to kill, old enough to be accountable

Stuff reports:

At the age of 10, Kiwi kids can’t drink, drive, buy cigarettes or even have their own Facebook page.
But 10-year-olds can be convicted of murder or manslaughter – that’s the current minimum age of criminal responsibility for those crimes in New Zealand.
However, the Government has agreed to consider whether the current minimum age should be raised, Justice Minister Andrew Little confirmed to Stuff.
“In January, New Zealand had its third Universal Periodic Review at the UN Human Rights Council, and has agreed to consider whether the current minimum age of criminal responsibility, 10 years of age, should be increased to align with international standards,” Little said in a statement.

If a 10 year old can murder someone, then they should be held accountable for that murder.

Perhaps one of the most well known cases internationally is the story of murdered British toddler James Bulger.
Bulger, 2, was tortured and killed by 10-year-olds Robert Thompson and Jon Venables in Liverpool in 1993. 
Thompson and Venables, by then aged 11, were tried in an adult court and found guilty of Bulger’s murder on November 24, 1993, becoming the youngest convicted murderers of the 20th century. 

A very good example of why you need to hold young killers accountable. They did not just kill Bulger, but tortured him also.

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