Don’t drink and tweet!

Stuff reports:

National MP Jo Hayes has apologised for sending an abusive message to a man over social media, seemingly out of the blue. 

The list MP, based in the Christchurch suburb of New Brighton, left a message on Friday night to a Twitter post from June. The post was from a man celebrating his graduation from Massey University after seven years of study. 

“OMG Youre such a nasty person and i hope that people checking you out for future work will visit your twitter page and see how ugly you really are [sic],” Hayes posted at 10.59pm.

It was such a weird and ill-judged tweet that I can only assume it was done under the influence.

The tweet she was responding to was in no way political at all. I have no idea what would have triggered the tweet. Maybe it was intended for someone else or maybe he said something once that offended her (he did stand for Labour once). But regardless a very ill judged own goal.

Hayes did not answer phone calls from Stuff, but sent a text message saying “I should not have sent this tweet”.

“I will delete it and I’m sorry for any offence caused.”

Maybe MPs should have a five minute delay function built in for their tweets!