I didn’t declare donors because my husband told me not to!

Stuff reports:

Christchurch mayor Lianne Dalziel says she regrets not taking independent advice on her election return, but laughed off suggestions of an inquiry. 

Dalziel updated her election return on Wednesday with the names of six donors who made contributions over $1500 at a dinner and auction event in July.

She said on Thursday she took husband Rob Davidson’s advice on what she was required to declare.

The candidate is responsible for understanding the law, and signing off their declaration. Blaming it on your husband’s advice is naff.

Would a male politician get away with blaming an incorrect donation declaration on their wife?

Dalziel has been a candidate in eight parliamentary elections and two mayoral elections. One can’t claim ignorance of the rules.

And this is not a minor breach. One donation was for $17,000 – which is more than ten times the disclosure limit of $1,500.