Lundy doesn’t get off

The Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal by Mark Lundy for his murder of his wife and daughter. Some extracts:

  • the location of the central nervous system tissue and large quantities of Mrs Lundy’s DNA in precisely the same places on the shirt is very strong evidence that the tissue came from Mrs Lundy’s brain
  • we think it very unlikely that Mrs Lundy sneezed mucus onto the shirt at precisely the same two places as the central nervous system tissue and the blood were found
  • Amber’s body was found in the doorway of the bedroom in which Christine was murdered. It seems likely that she had entered the room and was attacked as she fled. Very small particles of her blood were found when the ESR took tape lifts from the shirt
  • We consider that the paint fragments support the Crown case that the murder weapon was a tool bearing blue and orange paint, a hallmark of Mr Lundy’s.

And in summary:

We find that the central nervous system tissue on the shirt came from Mrs Lundy’s brain and its presence there is not explained by contamination in police or ProPath custody. The evidence establishes these facts beyond reasonable doubt. It offers no alternative explanation consistent with innocence.

Game over.

Lundy’s non-parole period has now expired, but as he continues to deny responsibility I doubt he will get parole anytime soon.

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