Virtue signalling to cover failure

The Herald reports:

The Government is promising to ditch diesel-powered ministerial cars and is immediately purchasing another six new electric SUVs for the fleet.

The new vehicles will mean that roughly 40 per cent of the 72-vehicle ministerial Crown fleet is either fully electric, or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

That’s up from 2 per cent when the current Government took over in 2017.

means nothing in the overall picture. As Ministers set their own of course they can decide to cover the extra cost of electric vehicles. But six new electric vehicles is not even a drop in the ocean.

“We are playing a leadership role and intend to transition the full Crown car fleet to emissions-free vehicles by 2025/26.”

Wow 70 vehicles in total. Designed to hide their huge failure in terms of the coalition agreement which was that the entire government fleet of 15,500 would be emissions free by 2025.

Their actual has been 78 government vehicles are emissions-free. takes it I guess to 84.

means the government fleet has gone from 0.50% electric to 0.54%. Yay. After two years they are 0.54% of the way to their eight year goal.

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