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Stuff reports:

The man who raped and murdered an Invercargill girl almost 28 years ago will remain in prison after being denied parole.

Peter George Davis, aged 68, was considered undue risk by the parole board after a hearing last month.

However, the board wants to revisit the matter by the end of May, when it expects to have more information about what support would be provided for him in the community upon release.

Good they denied parole this time, but looks like they are gearing up to release him.

His background:

Davis is serving a life sentence with preventive detention for the rape and murder of Sarah Curry, who was eight years old at the time. …

A decision released by the parole board on Thursday says “he [Davis] has a very worrying past series of convictions including sexual crimes and an attempted murder conviction in the 1980s”.

This guy ain’t changing.

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