Nuclear cheaper by far

Next Big Future reports:

’s nuclear energy was 60% of what Germany spent on renewables. France gets about 400 Terawatt hour per year from nuclear but Germany gets 226 Terawatt-hours each year. 45 Terawatt-hours of Germany’s renewable power comes from burning biomass which generates air pollution.

Germany’s solar farms will have to be rebuilt every 15-25 years. The wind farms will need to be rebuilt every 20-25 years. Nuclear plants can last 40-80+ years. This means that it guaranteed that the solar and wind farms will have to be rebuilt in 15-25 years. The maintenance costs will increase as or solar panels are replaced. The old turbines and solar panels will need to be replaced.

So using nuclear gets twice as much power for around half the cost of Germany using renewable.

And the plants last three to four times as long.

French costs are just 59% of German electricity prices. produces one-tenth the carbon pollution from compared to Germany.

So here’s how you can tell if a climate activist is sincere. Do they support or not.

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