US Presidential Election Survey results

Very interesting results from the election survey.

In terms of what percentage of the vote each Democratic candidate would get against Trump from survey participants, the results were:

  1. Bloomberg 33.2%
  2. Buttigieg 29.7%
  3. Biden 29.1%
  4. Gabbard 23.2%
  5. Klobuchar 20.3%
  6. Warren 17.9%
  7. Sanders 16.4%

So while Trump would win (with KB readers) in all face to face contests, Bloomberg, Buttigieg and Biden would do best against him and Warren and Sanders worst.

But let’s look at the results broken down by political category. The four categories were:

  1. Republican – tolerate Trump: 40.1%
  2. Republican – support Trump: 28.9%
  3. Democrat: 16.6%
  4. Republican – Never Trumper: 14.4%
Vote in GEAllTrump fanTrump tolerateNever TrumperDemocrat

No surprise that 98% of Trump fans would vote Trump. Gabbard does slightly better amongst his potential opponents at 1.6%.

Of Republicans who tolerate Trump, Bloomberg is most appealing – he would pick up 17% of their vote followed by Gabbard at 15%. Warren has the least appeal at 2%. This suggests that if US voters were like NZ voters, Bloomberg is best placed to pick up Republican votes.

With Never Trumpers Republicans, Bloomberg and Biden would both get around 80% support and Mayor Pete 76%. Then a big gap to Klobuchar at 50% and Sanders at 27%.

Those who would be Democrats would all vote for the Democratic challengers but only 67% for Gabbard and 85% to 88% for Bloomberg, Biden and Buttigieg.

Now for the question about which of the candidates would make the best President if elected. The candidates in order were:

  1. Bloomberg 31.4%
  2. Gabbard 24.3%
  3. Buttigieg 15.6%
  4. Biden 14.3%
  5. Sanders 6.1%
  6. Warren 4.9%
  7. Klobuchar 3.6%

So overall readers thought Bloomberg would make the best President followed by Gabbard. Buttigieg and Biden in 3rd and 4th.

Now again let’s break those down by political grouping:

AllTrump fanTrump tolerateNever TrumperDemocrat

Trump fans think Tulsi Gabbard would by far be the best President, if it was a Democrat. Second is Bloomberg and no-one else over 10%.

Republicans who tolerate Trump think Bloomberg would be best at 36%, then Gabbard at 27%, Biden and Buttigieg on 14%. Warren bottom on 2%.

Never Trumpers think Bloomberg best at 35%, then Biden 25% and Buttigieg 19%.

Democrats think the best President would be Buttigieg at 28% then Bloomberg 18%, Warren 16%, Biden 15% and Sanders 15%. Gabbard last at 4%.

Almost 1,700 people took part. Really interesting results

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