And more from the Government of kindness

So while Winston is having people follow around journalists who report negatively on the Government, a former Cabinet Minister is reporting that shock horror a National MP was at MacDonalds (sic).

Was Clare’s source the same one who happened to see Guyon Espiner and Matt Shand meet the former NZF President?

I think trying to shame an MP for being at McDonalds is silly in the extreme. But as it happens Woodhouse wasn’t there. He was somewhere else where several thousand people could testify he was there.

Clare won’t believe his denials though.

Now as it happens Michael does have brothers who look like him, but no it wasn’t them either.

The only true part of the claim is that Michael’s car was seen outside McDonalds. A party volunteer had borrowed it and she popped in to McDonalds with her school age kids to grab some food.

There were no rosettes and certainly no lollipops, blue or otherwise.

But may I suggest that Government MPs stop photographing journalists meeting sources and stop “reporting” on opposition MPs. It really doesn’t fit in well with Jacinda’s claims of a government of kindness.

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