Another day, another humiliation for the Greens

Stuff reports:

The Government’s headline policy to cut the price of electric vehicles by up to $8000 has stalled in first gear after NZ First ministers halted it.

The policy had two parts: a Clean Car Discount, or “feebate” which would subsidise the cost of cleaner vehicles by making polluting vehicles cost more and a Clean Car Standard, which was designed to encourage importers to import cars with better emissions standards.

Green co-leader James Shaw said if NZ First ultimately decided to block the policy, his party would take it to the election.

Oh take it to the election – that will make Winston shake in his boots.

Has there ever been a more feeble party in Government?

They are turning a blind eye to Winston’s dodgy Foundation, false donation returns, secret donors, policies to benefit donors etc and what do they get in return? He carries on humiliating them every day by blocking everything from the Kermadecs sanctuary to their clean car policies. He even got their carbon neutral bill watered down to toothlessness.

Is there any limit to how far they’ll debase themselves to keep Winston happy?

They could grown a spine and say unless these policies get supported by NZ First, they’ll support a select committee inquiry into PGF grants that have benefited NZF donors or will block any moving of the Ports of Auckland.

Appeasing Winston has failed miserably, so what have they got to lose?

Sums it all up rather well.