Bridges and Mitchell vs Mob PR lackey

Politik reports:

Louise Hutchison identified herself as the public relations liaison for Waikato Mongrel Mob. She asked Bridges why he had not accepted an invitation to join Dame Tariana Turia and Sir Pita Sharples to meet with the gang last year. “Instead you decided to go on to social media and really make a mockery of the powerful things that are happening an hour and a half away,” she said. “There are answers an hour and a half away. “There is a leader over there that has transformed his life after 33 years of a prison stint. “We know what Bill English said; that prisons are a moral and fiscal failure, so I encourage you, Simon, to come and visit us and see what is happening there and not to use it as a political agenda. “If you really want to win the election it is maybe something you could consider coming and looking at.”

But Bridges was having none of it. “I’ll give you this,” he said. “I accept that in your Waikato mongrel mob patch there will be some good that’s being done, but I ask you, and you can answer or not if you really want to; well, I’m not going to believe you, by the way. “Why is it that your Waikato  Mongrel Mob chapter is growing exponentially in numbers. “Why is it that the methamphetamine numbers in Hamilton and the Waikato are going through the roof and continue to rise and rise? “Why is it your leader won’t give back the illegal guns he has in the hundreds? (this was greeted with widespread applause)

Round 1 to Bridges.

National’s Justice spokesperson Mark Mitchell grabbed a microphone. Mitchell had already treated the audience to a lengthy outline of his own police career and suggested that as a future Justice Minister, he would be in charge of “police, courts and justice.”

“I had a young lady come out of prison that lives in my constituency,” he said. “She became a victim. She got involved in the gang scene when she was very young when she was 14. “And she suffered horrendously inside that environment; she had five children. “And she suffered rapes and serious assaults so serious that she almost died.” Facing Hutchinson, he said: “You know who I am talking about.”

Mitchell accused Hutchinson of taking the woman to the Waikato and reconnecting her with the gang so that now she was back in prison. So please don’t start lecturing me about the Mongrel Mob,” he said.” “If you want us to come at me with Sunny Tau (sic) or whatever his name is name is, we’re happy to do that if he is going to come to us and say we are going to hang up our patches; we are going to stop the inter-generational harm and we’ll help them exit the gang culture and rejoin society.”

Round 2 to Mitchell.

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