Diversity madness

A survey of the publishing industry in the US has some moaning there is no progress on diversity in publishing.

If you look at the data you’ll actually see it shows how barmy some diversity activists are, as in fact the data shows the opposite to what they claim. Let’s go by demographic:

  • Race. They bemoan 76% of the industry is white. The last US census had 77% white.
  • Gender: The industry is 74% (CIS) women.
  • Trans: The industry is 97% CIS and 3% non-CIS. That 3% is certainly higher than any population estimate.
  • Sexual orientation: The industry is 81% straight and 19% other. The 81% straight is well under the population.
  • Disability. 11% of the industry say they have a disability – well in excess of most population estimates

I’m all for a focus on diversity but there are some who get besotted with it and no matter what the data is, will always claim there is a diversity problem and minorities are under repesented.

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