The NZ First support bots

Newshub reported:

A swarm of previously inactive Twitter accounts claiming to be from the US have sprung to life, professing their admiration for embattled Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters. …

Out of nowhere on Saturday, that post attracted attention when nearly 40 Twitter accounts replied to it with the same message of praise for Peters.

“I stand with #winstonpeters – he’s a very good leader and dear to our hearts,” each user tweeted. 

Many of the tweets were posted within minutes of each other and came from users that appear to be bots or compromised accounts. The majority of the users – mostly using images of young women – have less than 20 followers, last tweeted years ago, and say they are located in the US.

I’m reminded of the fact that Winston insisted on having in the coalition agreement that NZ pursue a free trade agreement with Russia.