Winnie off to the Police

Stuff reports:

NZ First leader Winston Peters has asked his party’s president to prepare a police complaint over a “massive breach” of party information. 

“Ongoing media stories using as their source stolen information are designed to skew an even political playing field,” a media release from Peters said. 

This is unintentionally hilarious as the information that has been released all comes from the NZ First Foundation and Winston insists that has nothing to do with NZ First.

Winston of course has spent much of his career cheering on the release of party information, when it occurs to other parties. He just can’t handle it when it happens to him.

Incidentally it is far from clear any information has been stolen. There is a big difference between a leak and a theft.

It is well known the former President and Treasurer have lost confidence in NZ First due to the hiding of donations from the board. If they are the ones releasing the info, then they had a right to it in the first place so it is a leak not a theft.

But good luck going to the Police Winston. I hope you’re just as successful as the last MP who did that.

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