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I’ve blogged in the past on how much money I have saved as a member of Cherrytree as you can buy almost anything through them for well below normal retail prices.

One issue for some people has been the relatively large membership fee as people have been uncertain if they’ll shop enough to cover the fee.

Well Cherrytree now has a new membership model where you can join for free. There are now three types of membership:

  • Silver: Free to join. Up to 25% off RRP. And you can earn points towards gold membership with your purchases.
  • Gold: $1,250 1st year fee and then $250 annual renewal fee. Points earned from silver purchases reduce the membership fee. Up to 60% off RRP as prices are only 4% to 11% over wholesale.
  • Platinum: Up to 65% off RRP as prices are only 2% over wholesale. Gold members refer three other people as gold members in a year gain platinum status

So the silver status is ideal for those not sure how much they’ll spend. You don’t get as large a discount, but you have nothing to lose as no up front fee. And the more you spend, the cheaper gold membership becomes.

Gold membership works well with families likely to have some bigger ticket items, so having a baby, home renovating etc.

Also worth noting Cherrytree membership gets you a discount with partners such as PlaceMakers, Resene Paints, Beaurepaires and access to all Gilmours Wholesale Food & Beverage North Island branches.

Cherrytree has over 550,000 products from 2,400 brands. You can order everything online or if in pop into their showroom.

I’m a very frequent and happy customer. I’m not getting paid for this. I just think it is a great business, and have saved masses of money through them.

Any queries you can e-mail the owner Simon, or call them on 0800 Cherrytree.

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