Even Bomber thinks hiking the minimum wage next week is nuts

Bomber Bradbury writes:

we need an economic response that matches the danger we face and targets certain groups within society. …

  • Tax amnesty for small and medium business: They are the ones who will suffer the most, allow a tax amnesty with the usual penalties cancelled.
  • Welfare: Everyone will be scrambling for some type of welfare, it will need to be increased, and the draconian punitive crap dumped.
  • Immigration Freeze: We will need to freeze immigration at a time of economic crisis because everyone will be fleeing.
  • Rent Freeze: Don’t allow greedy Landlords to benefit from a crisis.
  • Minimum Wage Freeze: We can’t seriously be asking small business to pay people more as the economy collapses.

So when the the guy whose politics are to the left of Lenin thinks putting up the minimum wage next week is a bad idea, why is the Government persisting?

The true test of leadership is not doing things you sort of wanted to do anyway (put up benefits) but doing stuff you really don’t want to do, but accepting the circumstances have changed.

National really wanted to do tax cuts in 2009 but cancelled them because of the GFC.

Why is Labour unwilling to delay the increase in the minimum wage?

At a minimum if they proceed, they should cover the costs themselves, rather than impose extra costs on small businesses that are struggling to survive.

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