Fire up the bbq

Newshub reported:

A neighbourhood’s residents have been left scratching their heads after an email sent by a local vegan asked them to shut their windows while cooking meat to stop “offensive” smells. 

The anonymous email was shared on Twitter account Best of Nextdoor, which showcases “the best of community drama”.

In the letter, the vegan runner reveals to neighbours that it’s hard for them at the start of the year, “when the weather starts warming up and folks start opening their windows”. 

“Several nights a week I’m out running around dinnertime, and when people have their windows open I can smell what they are cooking.”

The jogger says the smell of cooking meat “can be quite overpowering” and “offensive”. 

“I’m hoping our community can have some empathy for its #plantbased neighbours by closing their windows if they’re cooking meat and only putting vegetables on their bbq.”

The person finishes by saying they “don’t want to be a stereotype”. 

Well failed at that.

No surprise that this happened in Berkeley. It’s the only city in America where Jill Stein got more votes than Donald Trump. Only 3% of the population are Republicans.

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