Is it time for a Government of National Unity?

is a serious post.

I think consideration should be given to forming a Government of National Unity, as was the case in WWII. Around 2,000 NZers a year died in WWII and we could see the same or higher here. Plus the economic and system shocks will be like nothing we have seen since WWII.

I'm generally a fan of having an Opposition, but I think in a time of crisis, it would be better to have the most talented people making decisions. If National and Labour can agree on measures, I'd have greater confidence in those measures than ones from one side of the ideological divide.

So what I'm proposing is:

  1. Pass a law delaying the election 12 months (needs 75% of Parliament)
  2. Form a Government with all parties willing to serve until 31 March 2021
  3. Form a “COVID Cabinet” that can make decisions on behalf of the normal Cabinet

Who would be my pick for the “COVID Cabinet”

  1. Jacinda Ardern, PM
  2. , Deputy PM
  3. Winston Peters, Foreign
  4. Grant Robertson, Finance
  5. Paula Bennett, Economic Development & Recovery
  6. James Shaw, Defence & Civil Defence
  7. , Attorney-General
  8. Michael Woodhouse, Health

So three from Labour, three from National and one each Greens and NZ First.

I'd also co-opt if I could the Mr Fixits from the last two Governments (Steven Joyce and Michael Cullen (health allowing) as advisers.

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