Meet Mittens

During these bleak times we need some lightness, so for those who don’t know who Mittens is, meet Mittens.

Mittens lives in Wellington. He is famous, due to his wondering nature.

Mittens lives on The Terrace but every day and most nights goes out exploring Wellington. He turns up everywhere from the waterfront to Cuba Street.

But it isn’t just the fact he wanders around. He is very unusual in that he will go into any building he can find and make himself at home. He’ll take over a bed in a student hostel, sleep on a desk in an office etc.

There is a Facebook page where people share photos of their encounters with him. I joined the group around a month ago and love the daily updates of where he has been.

Here’s a few recent photos:

Mittens in a bar

His reserved table.

Visiting a gym
Best not to ask
Choosing a game
Asleep on an office desk
Visiting a hostel

I’ve yet to meet Mittens but hope to do so one day!

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