The Minister for racism ignores Ardern

Newshub reports:

RNZ reported earlier on Tuesday that despite Ardern saying his language was “loose” and “wrong”, Jones was unrepentant and didn’t believe most people would consider the comments racist.

“I challenge anyone in New Zealand to disagree with me in terms of the sad regularity with which we are seeing egregious cases of abuse, in the media, coming from the Indian migrant community upon their own. In fact, they’re appearing in courts with more regularity than the Mongrel Mob.

So Jones says some racist stuff which Ardern refuses to take action against, apart from she’ll ask him to reconsider his words.

His response is basically a two fingered salute as he doubles down and says even more racist stuff.

He is clearly implying that Indians in New Zealand are not very law abiding, comparing them to the Mongrel Mob.

In fact crime stats for 2019 show that overall Indians appear in court, as a proportion of their total population far less than most ethnic groups. The proportions are:

  • Maori 5.4%
  • Pasifika 2.1%
  • European 1.0%
  • Indian 0.8%
  • Asian 0.2%

So 992 out of 1,000 Indians have not appeared in court yet Jones compares them to the Mongrel Mob.

But of course once again Jacinda will do nothing except wring her hands. God forbid she actually act like she is the Prime Minister and say something along the lines of:

“There is no room in my Cabinet for a Minister who denigrates entire ethnic communities to score political points. I have informed Minister Jones that if he makes such a comment again, I will immediately dismiss him as a Minister”

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