Thank you Steven and Amy

National in 2008 made a bold promise. If elected, they would roll out fibre connections to most households in New Zealand within ten years.

This went well beyond what the current Government was considering, which was merely fibre to the cabinet, and copper to the house.

National won, and the policy had to become a reality, which it did under Steven Joyce and then Amy Adams. It was a complex undertaking and less competent Ministers might have seen such an ambitious policy end up like Labour’s Kiwibuild or Light Rail policies – all talk and no action.

Instead we’ve seen over 900,000 households and businesses get connected to fibre. 126 cities and towns have fibre available.

Consider how much worse the four week lockdown would be, if most of the country was still on copper broadband instead of fibre?

So thanks to Steven and Amy for delivering this.

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