Political Police?

The Herald reports:

A promotional video featuring the Prime Minister’s partner has been questioned over concerns it could be perceived to be “politicising” the police force.

Clarke Gayford headlined a police video in mid-April that aimed to encourage people who were looking after young kids during the lockdown.

In the video Wellington Paranormal star Karen O’Leary calls to check in just as Gayford has managed to get his young daughter Neve to sleep.

National list MP Brett Hudson questioned Police Commissioner Andrew Coster about the video during yesterday’s Epidemic Response Committee meeting.

“Do you think that a video is appropriate and does it risk politicising police?”

Of course it does. I’ve had numerous e-mails to me complaining it does exactly that.

“And people will probably appreciate that Mr Gayford has also previously been a part of Wellington Paranormal.

“He is a well-known TV personality, in his own right, and that was the sort of connection that caused it to come about.

Gayford has only been featured in Wellington Paranormal because he is the PM’s partner.

He was not a well-known TV personality in his own right prior to his relationship with Ardern. 98% of New Zealanders would not have heard of him previously. His fishing show was on Choice TV, not TVNZ or Tv3. This is not having a go at Clarke or the show. From all accounts it is a good show which he hosts well. But it is silly to pretend he was used in the Police video because of his background in broadcasting rather than the fact he is the PMs partner.

I’ve got no problems with Wellington Paranormal including him in their show. They are an entertainment show. But for the Police to include him in an official Police video is a very bad idea.

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