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The teen babysitter who murdered a 9-year-old boy in the quiet Southland town of Otautau last year has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Daniel Alan Cameron, aged 15 at the time of the offending in Otautau on October 30 last year, appeared in the Invercargill High Court before Justice Rachel Dunningham on Monday for sentence for murder of Hunter MacIntosh.

Dunningham sentenced Cameron to life imprisonment with a minimum of 11 years. …

Justice Dunningham said she saw no real evidence of remorse but that may be a reflection of Cameron’s immaturity.

Cameron, who never had been involved in the criminal justice system, had a relatively untroubled background but may have difficulty coping with stress and provocation, Justice Dunningham said.

Its a tragic and sad case. What I find chilling is that there was nothing in Cameron’s background that would make you think he could do this. You read this, and this that this could have happened to almost anyone’s child.

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