Latest three strikes stat

I’ve been forwarded the latest stats on the three strikes regime. This is for the period from June 2010 when it commenced to December 2019, so a period of nine and a half years.

  • 12,045 first strikes
  • 463 second strikes (so 3.8% of 1st strikers have done a 2nd strike)
  • 14 third strikes (so 2.8% of 2nd strikers have done a 3rd strike)

It is pleasing that 96% of first strikers have not gone onto to do a second strike.

Now let’s look at the those who have had a second or third strike. The OIA said that they:

  • had an average of 42 convictions as an adult
  • 91% were assessed as being at a high risk of reoffending
  • 56% committed their 2nd strike on bail or parole or whill serving a sentence
  • 40% have a “strike type” conviction from prior to the three strikes regime

This data indicates that the three strikes regime is accurately targeting the serious recidivist offenders.

Those who get a 1st strike get no extra penalty – they just get a warning. And 96% have not (so far) committed a second qualifying offence. Of the 3.8% who have (and have generally lost parole eligibility), they are the hardcore recidivists the law is designed to protect us from.

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