“Stick to your job love”

The Herald reports:

has been called out after telling fellow MP to “stick to your job, love”.

The two television personalities-turned MPs traded barbs at the end of a select committee hearing at Parliament today.

In an exchange captured on audio, National MP Lee suggests to a staffer there should be two microphones when two Ministers appear in front of the Economic Development, Science and Innovation Committee.

But things get a little heated when Labour’s Coffey weighs in.

“Hey, hey, stick to your job love,” he says. “Ordering around the microphones.”

Lee objects saying “I’m not ordering her, I’m just suggesting.”

“That’s why you work in TV don’t you,” Coffey replies.

“Excuse me, I do have a name, my name is not ‘eh eh eh'” she retorts.

National’s Judith Collins later tweeted about the exchange saying she had to tell Coffey that calling a senior female MP ‘love’ was completely inappropriate.

The usual double standards. If a National MP had said that about a Labour MP, there would have been statements denouncing them from a dozen different groups.

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