2nd strike means no parole

Meet Peter Atkinson. Late last year he drove while intoxicated. He drove at high speeds and weaving between lanes. He refused his passenger’s repeated requests to stop. At an intersection he hit a woman on a motor scooter, killing her. She leaves behind a husband of 45 years, three sons and grandchildren. He took off and tried to clean his car of her blood.

Atkinson is aged 42. He has 11 children to five women. He also has 40 convictions including drink driving, child sex offending and family violence. He’s been to prison five times.

He got just 56 months prison for killing someone. The only bright spot is that this be served without parole (otherwise could be out in 19 months) as it is his second strike.

Atkinson is the sort of recidivist that three strikes is aimed at.

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