Crafty Seymour

Stuff reports:

NZ First leader Winston Peters says that ACT leader David Seymour wouldn’t “last 10 seconds” if the pair exchanged blows, after Seymour said Peters would soon need help to get dressed.

The pair traded insults on Monday morning, after Peters announced a campaign to limit immigration to 15,000 of the “most highly skilled people who will add value to our economy” per year.

Seymour, in a press statement, said Peters’ campaign immigration promise was “tragic”.

“Peters himself will soon be retired and will require a care worker to help him get dressed and go for a walk. He’ll discover that such facilities can’t function without migrant workers,” Seymour said.

“As a local electorate MP, I have helped care facilities deal with byzantine immigration laws to get people into the country and keep services going. This is the reality of business in New Zealand.

“Nowhere else in the world does an economy of five million people say, ‘You can’t hire anyone outside out the border.’ It would be like Victoria sealing itself off from the rest of Australia. NZ First’s policy is like permanent Covid-19 isolation for the labour market.”

Peters, who recently took medical leave to recover from a keyhole surgery, took issue with the comments about him possibly nearing retirement, and said: “As for your nasty comments about my physical – I reckon you’d last 10 seconds in the ring with me.”

“There’d be three hits – you hitting me, me hitting you, and the ambulance hitting 100.

“Thank your lucky stars I’m not into physical violence.”

Seymour poked Peters on Twitter, and Peters fell for it with an angry response guaranteeing lots of publicity for what Seymour said.

Peters is the Deputy PM, and he got played by Seymour.

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