Hawkesby on Winston

Kate Hawkesby writes:

I know we’re not supposed to believe politicians when they speak, but really, Winston Peters is taking the proverbial isn’t he?

Yesterday, after threatening to knock out David Seymour in 10 seconds flat in a bizarre Twitter rant, he also confirmed the one thing he’s been denying for weeks.. that NZ First has indeed hired the Brexit operatives to work for its election campaign.

The self described ‘bad boys of Brexit’ have signed a contract with NZ First to try to turn around the party’s woeful polling.

In one poll NZ First currently sits at 1.8%, the Brexiteers aim to get them up to between 13 and 15%. I mean good luck with that.

Back when Winston was denying all this, about a week ago, he told reporters he wouldn’t even comment on “this rubbish”.

Yet here we are.

Peters actually attacked the local media for reporting on the story, when it turned out the story was absolutely correct except for a minor detail of where the Brexit staff would be operating from.

I don’t know what NZ First has paid these bad boys for their services of mischief and mayhem, or what results the party believes it’ll actually get.. but it does seem ironic that a party hell bent on hiring Kiwis for everything, and so often poo pooing ‘foreigners’.. has gone offshore to pay for help for their own party.

Very ironic.

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