HDPA on rates increases

HDPA writes:

f you’re about to be hit with a rates increase, wherever you are in the country, I think you have good reason to be really grumpy with your local council.

Raising rates in this current economic climate is unbelievable.

The most recent example of this is Auckland Council, yesterday voting to increase rates by 3.5%. In doing that, they’ve ignored their own ratepayers: two thirds of submitters asked them not to raise rates by that much.

The Council has all the excuses in the world for why rates have to go up.

But actually, it doesn’t have to be like this. We don’t have to, and shouldn’t, accept an increase as if there is no other option.

Let me tell you about Horowhenua District Council.

These guys are actually decreasing rates this year, by 1.83%. …

The fact is, Auckland’s rates are going up because the council can’t be bothered taking the pain like Horowhenua’s leaders are prepared to. 

Yep 18 of the 21 Auckland Councillors made the choice to increase rates by 3.5% during a recession in which many business and family incomes have plumeted.

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